Dedicated Pictures FINALLY brings you their 09/10 project "Been There, Done That", a free, Norwegian, full length ski movie made without a nickel of financial support.

Directed, produced, shot and edited by Anders Stai Fougner (16)

Herman Fjøss, Felix Usterud, Niklas Engebretsen, Lars Bjørum, Magnus Solheim, Mikkel Jøraandstad, Iver Haugsvær, Johan Berg, Martin Larsen, Øystein Bråten, Magnus Mongstad, Per Schøyen, Fredrik Bergan, Bjørnar Kamøy, Fridtjof Fredricsson, Vebjørn Engaseth, Tobias Bang, Edvard Dalsegg

Bo Diddley - Bo meets the monster
Neon Hitch - Drop it like it's hot
Gang Starr - Gotch U
Mos Dub - History Town
The Strange Boys - Be Brave
Paul Simon - Call me Al
Cults - Go Outside
Paul Simon - Down by the schoolyard
Starfucker - Bigge Smalls

Norefjell, Vierli, Hovden, Tryvann, Varingskollen, Juvass, streets of Oslo, Kongsberg, Hemsedal and Kvitfjell

Special thanks to:
Erlend @ Vierli, Stevje Sandlie, Nicholas Sullivan, the riders, friends and family

Shot mainly on a Canon 7D, partly on a 550D and an XHA1