Første episode av "Dreaming in Mono" 


Her er litt historie rundt monoski:The monoski was invented in 1961 by Jack Marchand but it did not really take off right away.

Eight years later Mike Doyle, a professional surfer, had a dream about surfing in snow and got obsessed with building a board to surf real powder. He built many monoskis and ripped many bindings, but at last got the hang of it and skied faster than the ski patrol in Jackson Hole. They got really angry and wanted to ban the single ski from the slopes!

Mike found that monoski was a great invention for the ultimate feeling for snow. The interesting paradox is that if your feet are stuck together, you have to ski with your whole body, and that gives you an enhanced feeling of freedom and joy!

In November 1971 the first monoski article was published in Ski Magazine, called "Man, I can hardly ski on two skis. How can I ski on one?"