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We arrived at Kelowna airport the 27th of December. At first we had a nice day of shredding in Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is two hours from Kelowna. The day after we drove two more hours towards the Revelstoke mountain range for the Mica Heli pickup spot. We all got more and more psyched on the fact that we were getting closer to the deep dry powder.

During the heli transportation we noticed a gigantic luxury lodge, placed on a surreal and beautiful location in the middle of nowhere. It is by far the most scenic location to place a lodge, and yes, it was the Mica Heli lodge.

Things were just getting better and better when we heard about the snow conditions as soon as we arrived to lodge. Fresh "blower pow", as we call it, was on the program for the next days. After 3 courses of amazing food by Nicole (the chef), it was time to charge our batteries, and get as much rest as possible for the following day.

It was time to get out in the wilderness. After an informative avalanche lesson and beacon testing we were ready for action. We scoped the terrain from the heli, and Ash (the pilot) dropped us of on a ridge in between the trees. The snow depth was even deeper that I could ever imagine. Perfect pillow lines and endless terrain surrounded us. It was time to work our way down.

I will let the moving images tell the rest of this story in our 2009 movie release, dropping September 2009. In the meantime check out the photos I´ve attached in this article.

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