2015/2016 skitest av Blizzard Viva S7. Vi i Skiinfo har testet denne skien i kategorien "Carvingski for kvinner".

This women's ski belongs to the All Mountain category and is very light, easy and equipped with a Piston-vibration killer binding system . Luisa Forcherio says that “this is the ideal tool for relaxed skiing . It is elegant and easy and capable of riding through all types of terrain, especially at low speeds “. Marcella Vantini says that : “It is intended for light skiers who just want to have fun . It is very quick when you change rhythm and if you travel fast you feel its lightness. It is not recommended for high-speed rides “. Hilary Longhini adds that : “It is even too easy for its category , its lightness helps a lot when you initiate a turn, but then the ski is a bit less precise when you make wide arcs. This tool is intended for a silver level skier“.