2015/2016 skitest av Dynastar Elite 11. Vi i Skiinfo har testet denne skien i kategorien "Carvingski for kvinner".

“This ski is designed for women and you feel it ! it follows you through the whole arc of the turn and never hesitates .. It is really a pleasant tool, which requires little effort. It seems automatic” according to Benny . Alessandra Mazzucchi is enthusiastic: “Out of this world….It is stunning on both the hard and soft snow . You perceive confidence since the first turns. It is great fun!”. Stefania Burba thinks that this ski hides a Race Carve core : “it is an elite tool...You feel the race structure even if it is adjusted for ladies. It is extremely versatile, agile and very responsive, even when mistreated”. “Dynastar women's skis are always great and this one makes no exception. It is quick when you make short turns, stable and safe when you make wide turns at high speed” according to Hilary.