2015/2016 skitest av Fischer Ivory. Vi i Skiinfo har testet denne skien i kategorien "Carvingski for kvinner".

This rockered ski comes with a binding system designed for women (forward binding mounting point). Marcella Vantini tested it on transformed snow and her comment is positive : “It is elegant and not too demanding , it delivers great fun and self-confidence. It is quick when you initiate turns and easy to handle. This tool permits a wide range of possible turns “. Luisa Forcherio calls it a trustworthy ski , which is also patient and joyful : “It seems a lightweight and soft ski at first sight. It is , but this should not be considered a flaw. It works well even when you push and increase your aggressiveness. It delivers fun in any condition”. Sara Picotto says that it is a versatile tool , which is good for a wide range of turns: “ I would recommend it to light intermediate to advanced skiers . At the end of the day, it is absolutely a good women's ski”.