2015/2016 skitest av Nordica Spitfire Pro. Vi i Skiinfo har testet denne skien i kategorien "Carvingski for kvinner".

The Spitfire Pro features two skis in one, because it combines a slalom sidecut with a radius which is suitable for wide turns . Hilary Longhini thinks that this is a unisex ski and adds that “ this tool ensures the same performance as a men's ski, it is attached to the ground and delivers a quick change of edges thanks to its sidecut. It is suitable for any type of turn”. Amelia says that “ this is a real doberman, which bites into the snow ! It is extremely precise and able to exploit the whole length of the ski when making turns. I would recommend it to female warriors !”. “ It is precise, stable and fun . It is great for wide turns and allows you to enjoy thrill of racing , but thanks to its shovel it is a good tool for executing tight turns as well ” according to Chiara.