2015/2016 skitest av Salomon X Max. Vi i Skiinfo har testet denne skien i kategorien "Carvingski for kvinner".

The French company substituted the 24 Hours with this new model , which has been greatly appreciated by our testers. It comes with a Spaceframe construction which stiffens the ski under the boot and reduces mass at the tip and tail . Stefania Burba says that “you can see through its transparent tips, which resemble eyes guiding you as a radar. It makes turns with ease and precision. It is tough but not hard and ensures good performance and lightness”. It is fun and never tiring ,according to Benny Cumani. Ale Mazzucchi reports that “it is fantastic ! It is always responsive, I tested it on extremely hard snow and it was super performing. I would recommend it to everyone. You can ski either aggressively or calmly and it is always intuitive and greatly precise . I was really impressed !”.